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Honeypot Field to Catch Bots
Honeypot Field to Catch Bots
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You’ve got the contract review skills.
See how eBrevia’s AI stacks up.

eBrevia Challenge instructions image


1. Search for the term shown.

2. Then click next.

3. You have 30 seconds.


You completed

pages in 30 seconds!

Take contract review to the next level with eBrevia.


In the time it took you to review 3 pages,
eBrevia would be able to analyze 25+ complete contracts.


contract icons
25 contract icons

30%-90% Faster

eBrevia’s automated contract review is
30%-90% faster than manual review alone.


Your accuracy score is: %.

You did great.

With eBrevia you could do even better.

eBrevia score board

More Accurate

eBrevia is at least 10% more accurate than manual review alone,
and minimizes the risk of missing key data.

Machine Learning

You focused on keywords. eBrevia extracts legal and financial concepts.
— regardless of vocabulary used, and no matter how deeply buried.

For example, if you are reviewing for “change of control”

The AI would capture:

  • “Change of control.”
  • “Assignment by operation of law.”
  • “Transfer of substantially all of the company’s assets.”
  • “Merger.”

Automate Summaries

eBrevia automatically populates summary templates
and surfaces relevant content from contracts.

Learn how you can bring unprecedented speed and accuracy to
contract analysis, due dilligence and lease abstraction.