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Capital Markets Readiness for Life Sciences Companies 2022 | The Insider

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Honeypot Field to Catch Bots
Honeypot Field to Catch Bots

“The Insider by DFIN” is a series of video interviews featuring latest topics and key perspectives on the global capital markets.

In this episode of Insider by DFIN, we spoke with Kiran Asarpota, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Finance of DFIN’s client, ASLAN Pharmaceuticals Ltd., to discuss how the use of technology has been a key factor leading to the success of their company’s capital markets journey since they became a public company in 2018. Kiran also shared his vision for the company, and his advice for life sciences companies looking to raise capital and scale their business in 2022 and beyond.

About ASLAN Pharmaceuticals:

ASLAN Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq:ASLN) is a clinical-stage, immunology-focused biopharmaceutical company developing innovative treatments to transform the lives of patients. ASLAN is currently evaluating eblasakimab (also known as ASLAN004), a potential first-in-class antibody targeting the IL-13 receptor, in atopic dermatitis, and farudodstat (also known as ASLAN003), a potent oral inhibitor of the enzyme, DHODH, in autoimmune disease. ASLAN has a team in Menlo Park, California, and in Singapore.


  • Margaret Low – Senior Director, Southeast Asia, DFIN
  • Kiran Asarpota – COO and Head of Finance, ASLAN Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


Date of recording: June 9, 2022
Language: English