Webinars  •  March 31, 2022

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Honeypot Field to Catch Bots
Honeypot Field to Catch Bots

Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Update 2022

Over the past 6 months, China has imposed a series of new data privacy and cybersecurity regulations, including the Data Security Law, Personal Information Protection Law and the Cyber Security Review Measures. These regulations are set to bring new compliance requirements for multinational companies operating in China. We recently hosted a webinar to look at these regulatory changes and upcoming updates to be expected. Our panelists shared their thoughts on how companies have been taking action, and how technology can ease this process.

Discussion topics include:

  • Current legislative practice of data privacy protection and cybersecurity compliance in China
  • How do you prepare your organization for regulatory compliance in 2022 & beyond?
  • Case study: a discussion on how the new regulations imposed by the PRC will impact businesses in the Cloud Computing and New Technology industries
  • How technology can speed up data privacy compliance work


  • Alexander Levinger – Vice President of Legal International, DFIN
  • Catherine Liu – Partner, Grandall Law Firm (Beijing)


Stephanie Siu – Head of APAC and Legal Counsel, eBrevia (a DFIN company)