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Honeypot Field to Catch Bots
Honeypot Field to Catch Bots

Merge speed and accuracy, post-merger

You’ve made the acquisition – now make the migration of your newly-acquired company’s contracts a smoother process. Save time and money when you automate review with eBrevia, your go-to post-merger contract software.

eBrevia - Post-Merger Contract MigrationeBrevia - Post-Merger Contract Migration

What does eBrevia bring to post-merger contract analysis?

This secure post-merger management platform leverages AI and machine learning to extract key contractual obligations and other data points directly from your documents. As a result, you get:

Greater speed & accuracy

  • Analyze thousands of documents in minutes 
  • Enhance accuracy by 10-60%

Less risk & more revenue

  • Identify compliance issues or duplicative vendors
  • Spot opportunities for cost savings and cross selling

The experience of a trained professional.

eBrevia arrives with out-of-the-box industry experience. It’s pre-trained to extract relevant provisions like:

  • Titles, parties & dates
  • Term
  • Termination
  • Renewal
  • Pricing
  • Most favored nation
  • Warranties
  • Indemnification
  • And 100s more

Plus, enjoy the support of our network of services providers, who can help you use the software and validate your data. Well-versed in using eBrevia for post-merger contract migration, they come from some of the world’s largest and most respected:

  • Audit/consulting firms
  • Law firms
  • Financial consultancies
  • Alternative legal service providers


Duff & Phelps rethinks post-merger review with eBrevia

How We Helped a Major Financial Consultancy Rethink Post-Merger Contract Migrations

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Post-Merger Contract Migration
eBrevia - Post-Merger Contract Migration

Take a team-first approach

eBrevia is the ultimate team player – designed to help your people work smarter, faster and with less digital friction.

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  • Share documents
  • Control user access
  • Assign, group, tag and compare documents


  • Train the AI to extract custom provisions and data points
  • Adjust project settings
  • Customize your integration with open API


  • Export actionable summaries to Excel, Word or your own database
  • Instantly check project status via our dynamic dashboard
  • Launch on-premise or via cloud
What else can I do with eBrevia?
What else can I do with eBrevia?

What else can I do with eBrevia?

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