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Honeypot Field to Catch Bots
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EDGAR® Online

Draw meaningful data from real-time SEC filings.

Whether you’re conducting research to support an IPO, managing an annual proxy or licensing a data package for your own audience, EDGAR Online helps you efficiently extract the intelligence you need.

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  • Comprehensive EDGAR SEC filing information.
  • Company data on over 15,000 U.S. public companies.
  • Historical data since 1994.
  • Insider and institutional ownership.
  • Company profiles.
  • Real-time alerts.
  • Download to PDF, Excel, Word, RTF and HTML.
  • Quickly and easily download or print up to 50 filings at one time.
  • Online support available.

EDGAR® Online Data Sets

Pricing based on custom data package

Learn more about custom packages and pricing.

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  • Streamlined access to financial data and information, extracted from SEC filings.
  • Configurable data packages, ensuring partners receive the specific data they need.
  • On-demand data for mobile applications with JSON and XML support in an easy to use format.
  • Improved documentation and sample calls for faster and easy onboarding.

Just a few of the industry leaders who uncover intelligence from the SEC with the EDGAR search tool:

Yahoo Finance
OTC Markets

Quick access to the real-time SEC EDGAR database for easy side-by-side financial analysis and benchmarking.

With our SEC EDGAR software, part of DFIN’s portfolio of end-to-end solutions, you get:

  • Access to more than 15,000 companies that file in the U.S. with the SEC.
  • Access to XBRL-tagged and summaries in raw form including mutual funds and ownership data.
  • An online intelligence tool for global investors, analysts, lawyers, auditors and corporate executives.
  • A choice of individual subscriptions or custom enterprise data licenses.
  • DFIN experts ready to help.

Find the data you need faster with EDGAR Pro

Use EDGAR Pro to inform the creation of your S-1.

Create custom email alerts for peer SEC filing notifications to extract key information and help shape your IPO narrative. Custom dashboards help you quickly find and seamlessly repurpose data in specific sections of EDGAR filings.

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Edgar Pro Email Alerts

Use EDGAR Pro to gather the right details for your proxy.

Set up custom dashboards to view defined peer groups and access timely filings, including institutional ownership, and view ESG-related information from the proxy summaries. Get unlimited Word and Excel downloads and print from within the platform.

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Edgar Pro Dashboard

Use EDGAR Pro for financial reporting and benchmarking. 

Set up alerts to monitor and compare your own company's Ks and Qs with your peers' and competitors' filings. Get key information you need to prepare strategic analysis and recommendations or to help evaluate new business initiatives with our EDGAR reporting solution.

Edgar Benchmarking

Getting started with EDGAR Pro

See how EDGAR Pro’s powerful, intuitive, web-based tools make it easy to collect and analyze company and industry information for your IPO or proxy.

Valuable data sets turn information into business insights

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Extract and display SEC data your way with the DataFied API.

Our API, powered by EDGAR Online, transforms lengthy disclosure documents into digestible and relevant data sets.  Improve how financial data is consumed, delivered and analyzed with SEC EDGAR API data delivery that is:

- Configurable - Streamlined - Flexible - Efficient - Mobile friendly

Edgar SEC Data

EDGAR Online is your trusted source for a variety of data sets and delivery methods

If the data resides in an SEC filing, it's likely available as a data set. Configurable EDGAR Online data sets can include mutual funds and ownership data. Delivery methods can include CSV, smart-pull through API, and FTP pickup and more.

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