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Honeypot Field to Catch Bots
Honeypot Field to Catch Bots

Transform the contract review
process with AI by your side.

Collaborative intelligence has arrived.

Extract key provisions and data points from thousands of documents in minutes – and say goodbye to the grind and inaccuracy of manual contract review.

Compare speeds
(and time savings)

Tell us how many contracts your team reviews for a given deal or project and see the potential time savings with eBrevia AI contract review software

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Save valuable time you can put toward other transactions, achieve significant cost savings from increased efficiency, and market your company's use of technology and innovation as a competitive advantage.

See how the eBrevia AI contract review software brings unprecedented speed and accuracy
to contract analysis.
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* Based on industry standards.

Join some of the fastest growing companies in speeding up contract review

Thomson Reuters
Baker McKenzie
US Concrete
Baker Hostetler
Finance of America
Liberty Bank

30%-90% time savings

At least 10 - 60% more accurate than manual review

Self-training by non-tech professionals to extract custom terms

Powered by AI performance.

Powered by AI performance.

How does eBrevia do it? By combining natural language processing technology with machine learning – a type of AI that focuses on the study of algorithms. The AI-powered contract analysis software draws from a repository of thousands of legal documents to recognize language patterns and identify key concepts in documents.

Want to learn more about machine learning?

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Automate review. Empower your teams.

Explore all the ways our digital contract management solution helps you do better business.

eBrevia UI
eBrevia UI

Yes, you can train eBrevia.

Our AI-powered contract analytics software comes with an extensive library of pre-trained provisions – meaning it can already provide automated data extraction for many of the concepts and data points you need. But that’s just the beginning. Non-technical users can easily train the automated contract analysis software to detect custom provisions and data points, making the tool fully flexible to the needs of your business.

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eBrevia by DFIN
eBrevia by DFIN

The only thing easier than using eBrevia is getting started.

Opt for same-day deployment with our cloud solution – or go on-premise, depending on your needs. Plus, you can customize your integration with an open API. And once you’re set, you enjoy the 24/7/365 support of expert project managers who understand your industry.

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“Integrating eBrevia with our solutions has been instrumental in our drive to innovate and deliver greater value to PWC’s clients.”

Alexandre Blanc,
PwC Principal

eBrevia by DFIN

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