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Honeypot Field to Catch Bots
Honeypot Field to Catch Bots

DFIN's IPO & Public Listing Report - November 2021 Edition

"With the largest IPO since 2014 and the most active November in 20 years, there was a lot to be thankful for this month. SPACs continued to gain momentum raising over $11 billion and new SPAC filings were the busiest since March. As we close out the year, inflation, and the new Omicron variant is contributing to stock market fragility, but our robust pipeline lends to cautious optimism heading into the new year."

Craig Clay, President, Donnelley Financial Solutions

Congratulations to the 98 issuers who made their public debut in November via an IPO raising ~$28 billion including our clients:

  • ALSP Orchid Acquisition I
  • Arena Fortify Acquisition
  • Arhaus
  • Ascendant Digital Acquisition III
  • Backblaze
  • Beard Energy Transition Acquisition
  • Blockchain Coinvestors Acquisition I
  • Braze
  • Claros Mortgage Trust
  • Everest Consolidator Acquisition
  • Evotec SE
  • Integral Acquisition 1
  • Integrated Rail and Resources Acquisition
  • IO Biotech
  • Juniper II
  • LAMF Global Ventures I
  • Lulu's Fashion Lounge Holdings
  • Mercato Partners Acquisition
  • Mynaric AG
  • New Providence Acquisition II
  • Real Good Food Company
  • Rivian Automotive
  • Spindletop Health Acquisition
  • Sweetgreen
  • Talon 1 Acquisition
  • Third Coast Bancshares
  • TLGY Acquisition
  • Vahanna Tech Edge Acquisition I
  • Vaxxinity
  • VMG Consumer Acquisition
To learn more, download the report below.

DFIN's IPO & Public Listing Report - November 2021 Edition