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Honeypot Field to Catch Bots
Honeypot Field to Catch Bots

DFIN Solves for
the Tailored Shareholder Reports Rule

DFIN understands that the Tailored Shareholder Reports ruling may have a variety of impacts to your business and we know that comes with uncertainty and increased scrutiny. You can rest assured that DFIN is the right partner along this journey and will help you conquer the operational challenges that Tailored Shareholder Reports may uncover.

Experience the DFIN TSR Difference

Impacting nearly 12,000 funds & ETFs and 32,000 share classes, the SEC's Tailored Shareholder Reports rule presents significant operational changes to the industry in multiple compliance areas. Whether you use our ArcReporting® solution or managed/traditional service models, see how DFIN can reduce TSR complexity for your organisation.

Quantifying TSR Complexity

Want to better understand how the Tailored Shareholder Reports ruling might impact your workflow and output? Try DFIN's TSR online calculator. Simply enter the number of share classes for a filing and see how the 2024 compliance date will add complexity to the work your organisation is doing today.

Enter number of Share Classes


Documents include the annual report or semi-annual report


iXBRL not required


Documents Web Hosted
Annual report or semi-annual report


Current annual report or semi-annual report must be delivered upon request


After the TSR Compliance Date

Documents include each TSR and Form N-CSR / N-CSRS

iXBRL is required for each TSR

Documents Web Hosted
Documents to be hosted - each TSR and N-CSR / NCSRS (Items 7-11)

Print is required for each TSR, and for Items 7-11 of N-CSR / N-CSRS if requested

This calculator is for illustrative purposes only. Numbers are approximate.

TSR Complexities You Can Solve for Today: Web Hosting & ADA Compliance

In DFIN’s new podcast, Brian Lynch, Vice President, Solution Services, and Joe Wash, Solution Services Expert, discuss the importance of web hosting and ADA compliance and why companies should be planning for their solution today.


eDelivery for TSR:
A More Efficient and Cost-Effective Distribution Solution

Satisfying regulatory compliance can put a burden on your staff and, depending on your approach, can strain your budget. With ArcDigital eDelivery from DFIN, you can send TSR compliance materials via email. It’s less costly, customizable and easier to manage.

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Tailored Delivery UI

Understanding the iXBRL Requirements Around the Tailored Shareholder Reports Ruling

Have questions about the iXBRL requirements for Tailored Shareholder Reports ruling? DFIN has answers. Our FAQ document provides answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding the iXBRL requirements for the Tailored Shareholder Reports ruling as set by the SEC.

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To have a deeper conversation, please contact us to learn more and talk to an expert about Tailored Shareholder Reports.