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Honeypot Field to Catch Bots
Honeypot Field to Catch Bots

It is purpose-built for financial reporting and SEC filing.

Built by and for experts, it’s designed to be faster and smarter than ever before, giving teams a robust set of streamlined features for quick, real-time collaboration and accurate financial reporting.

ActiveDisclosure UIActiveDisclosure UI

The platform leading companies use to accelerate financial and regulatory reporting.

Easy to get started, intuitive to use, and backed by unparalleled support of DFIN experts, the new ActiveDisclosure includes the core filing tools you need without extra add-ons and hidden costs.

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ActiveDisclosure Features

Get smarter

Guided workflows, team & task management, intelligent iXBRL tagging, always-current SEC form templates allow you to take on the toughest SEC filing tasks with time to spare for the tasks you value.

Get up and running quickly

100% cloud means it’s always on and always ready, delivering instant access to your reporting projects. Seamless integration with your source platforms (e.g., MS Office, ERP) lowers IT and integration costs.

Get Secure

Built from the ground up for data privacy – with SSO and SAML, role-based access control at the system, project and document levels – and complete data protection with DFIN's SOC 2 Type II encryption.

Get the support of DFIN’s financial professionals and industry-leading experts

Choose ActiveDisclosure and partner with the best.


Up to the minute advice Up-to-the-minute advice on regulatory changes and industry best practice

Unlimited platform updates Unlimited platform updates, maintenance and support direct from the DFIN team

Experts ready to help 24/7/365 Experts ready to provide round-the-clock help – DFIN executes more filings than any other financial technology or services company

SEC Filings + Virtual Data Room = the ultimate dealmaker

ActiveDisclosure makes collaborative deal document development easy. Venue gives you a virtual data room to do it in with hyper-secure file storage, auto-redacted sharing and private Q&A workflows.

Explore Virtual Data Rooms

White Paper

FERC doesn't have to be complicated or expensive.
DFIN makes it easy.

Cost-efficient, intuitive FERC reporting

Trust the SEC reporting leader in automated iXBRL tagging

Instant insights with the industry’s only energy regulatory Data Hub for peer comparison

Leverage industry experts and leading customer support to ensure data quality

Learn more about FERC from our white paper

Learn more about FERC
from our White Paper

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“The ActiveDisclosure team is really awesome and stood by us through the whole filing process.”

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