Thought Leadership  •  November 18, 2021

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Honeypot Field to Catch Bots
Honeypot Field to Catch Bots

Preparing for Proxy Season 2022

Equilar is a leading corporate governance and executive compensation data firm. Their extensive data and solutions help corporate leaders with business development, board recruiting, executive compensation and shareholder engagement. DFIN is proud to be one of their trusted business partners.

Each year, Equilar analyzes the proxies of the “Equilar 100” companies (the 100 largest US companies by revenues) to identify trends in proxy disclosure over the past five years. This includes use of “proxy summaries”, compensation program checklists, pay for performance graphs, alternative pay (i.e. realized, realizable pay), and ESG disclosures, which they identify as the “top new trend”. The results of this analysis are contained in their recently released “Preparing for Proxy Season 2022” report, which also includes examples of representative proxy disclosures.

To support their statistical analysis, Equilar has requested that DFIN provide its perspective and commentary to the report. This is contained in a Q&A with Ron Schneider, DFIN’s Director of Corporate Governance Services that appears early in the report, as well as “A Deep Dive – Planning for Proxy Design in 2022” at the end of the report.  The report also includes a complementary link to DFIN’s annual “Guide to Effective Proxies”, where additional examples of the types of disclosures discussed in the report can be found.

This report is available below. It also publicizes an upcoming webinar which will discuss many of the report’s findings, to be held on December 8, 2021. That webinar will feature speakers from Equilar, Skadden Arps, DFIN and Chevron.


Ron Schneider

Director of Corporate Governance Services, DFIN

To learn more, download the report below.

Preparing for Proxy Season 2022