Thought Leadership  •  September 20, 2019

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Honeypot Field to Catch Bots
Honeypot Field to Catch Bots

Spinal and Orthopedic Company Steps Into iXBRL with ActiveDisclosure

A medical device company that provides reconstructive and regenerative orthopedic and spine solutions makes the shift to iXBRL with ActiveDisclosure and discovers ease and efficiency.

The company was already using ActiveDisclosure for financial reporting, so naturally, they turned to DFIN when it came to making the shift to iXBRL. With guidance from the industry’s largest team of iXBRL and SEC experts—and a technology platform already optimized for iXBRL— the move to iXBRL was simple.

Seamless transition

“Our transition to iXBRL with ActiveDisclosure has been seamless,” said the senior manager of financial reporting. “I have hardly even noticed a difference in terms of timing or effort required. I was expecting there to be some level of additional burden for my team to comply with iXBRL, but in reality, it was as if the transition did not impact us at all based on the customer support and assistance we received from DFIN,” he added. The DFIN team has been fantastic in helping us through this transition, so that we can achieve our iXBRL objectives.”

A step above the rest

The client went on to say, “while the technology is comparable across vendors from what I have seen, it is the service provided with ActiveDisclosure that sets it apart. The DFIN team continues to be “hands on” in helping us stay on track and in getting us to the finish line for all of our filings.”

Always here to help

The senior manager of financial reporting concluded, “DFIN’s XBRL team has been excellent to work with. They have a number of highly skilled people who know what they are doing and have taken great care of us, every step of the way, in our journey to iXBRL.”

To learn more, download the case study below.

Spinal and Orthopedic Company Steps Into iXBRL with ActiveDisclosure