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Honeypot Field to Catch Bots
Honeypot Field to Catch Bots

Manage the production of shareholder reports and filings with confidence

This powerful shareholder reporting software improves your internal controls and reduces the risk of errors. Our intuitive automated financial reporting tool helps you manage complex data and content to create and file high-quality, consistent regulatory documents for investment companies.

See how ArcReporting® meets all of your investment company financial reporting needs



  • Ingest and Centralize data and content from different systems and sources
  • Eliminate manual processes with embedded workflow technology that ensures process consistency
  • Shared data and content across multiple documents and filings
  • Reduce production cycle time and risk of error
  • Straight Through Processing (STP) for improved efficiency
  • Customizable audit controls for increased accuracy
  • Integrate with other Arc Suite products


  • Streamline financial reporting with software built for the industry, by industry experts
  • Access and review data via a simplified and intuitive user experience
  • Boost productivity with a dashboard view of reports and filings
  • Drive efficiency with built-in, customized audit- and exception-based reporting


  • Maintain financial reports and data security with management oversight
  • Provide permission-based access to internal and external users
  • Schedule and track resources online
  • Leverage shared content, minimizing handoffs
  • Collaborate across multiple geographic locations


  • Automate the creation of print- and web-ready PDFs for shareholder reports, blacklined drafts and EDGAR HTML for regulatory filings
  • Eliminate manual processes with embedded workflow technology
  • Optimize the review, comment and approval process
  • Maintain accuracy throughout the production process


  • Onboard seamlessly with robotic process automation and Natural Language Processing, reducing costs and uncertainty
  • Create new reports in minutes
  • Automate internal control processes
  • Accelerate learning with in-app training

As part of DFIN's Arc Suite® end-to-end solution, ArcReporting is:


Technology purpose-built to produce annual, semi-annual, ad hoc and quarterly reports for registered investment companies, private equity, hedge and alternative investment reporting.


A true cloud-based SaaS solution that is easy to use and allows for the efficient and accurate creation of automated financial statements and regulatory filings.


The ability to produce automated, cover-to-cover PDFs in English plus 30 additional languages, blackline PDFs and EDGAR HTML.


High-quality financial shareholder reporting in the U.S., Australia, Canada, U.K. (Bank of England), Ireland (Central Bank of Ireland) and Luxembourg (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier).

Experience the DFIN Tailored Shareholder Reports Difference

Impacting nearly 12,000 funds & ETFs and 32,000 share classes, the SEC's TSR rule presents significant operational changes to the industry. With the compliance date of July 2024 quickly approaching, it’s more important than ever to secure the right solution for your organization. See how DFIN can reduce TSR complexity today.

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Drive efficiency and reduce risk with ArcPro®

As part of DFIN’s Arc Suite® solution, ArcPro works seamlessly with ArcReporting to streamline the creation, review and approval process for prospectus building and a wide range of other regulatory communications.

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"ArcReporting is exciting for employees and prospective clients. They haven't experienced automated financial statements in the hedge fund space before."

- Marcus Malley
Senior Managing Director at HedgeServ Limited

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