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Honeypot Field to Catch Bots
Honeypot Field to Catch Bots

Affordably centralize your ESG data and simplify reporting

As ESG continues to grow in importance, stay ahead of the ever-evolving global regulatory demands.

California's Climate Disclosure Reporting
What you need to know

SB 253

  • Public & private US companies doing business in California with annual revenue > $1B +
  • Publicly disclose annually audited Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emission reports
  • Covering fiscal year 2025, 1st report due 2026

SB 261

  • Public & private US companies doing business in California with annual revenue > $500M
  • Publicly disclose climate-related financial risk report bi-annually
  • Covering 2025, 1st report due on or before 1/1/2026
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The time for ESG software purchases is now

Is your business prepared for ESG reporting mandates? 95% of your peers without reporting software intend to purchase within the next 12 months.

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ESG programs are a key component of long-term business value, transparency & resiliency

Donut chart with 90%

90% of business executives agree increasing investment in ESG drives long term business value.1

1. DFIN ESG Pulse Report

Donut chart with 89%

89% of investors consider ESG issues as part of their investment approach.2

2. ESG Investing Stats Statistics.

Donut chart with 82%

82% of investors demand their portfolios have ESG lens.3

3. Global Investor Survey. PWC

Donut chart with 13%

Only 13% of global investors agree that ESG is a passing fad.4

4. ESG Global Study. Harvard Law

ESG made easy
Centralize your ESG data & simplify reporting

Proven purpose-built software that doesn’t negatively impact your team's time, or your bottom line.

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20-30% cost savings over similar ESG solutions

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60-80% time savings

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80 pre-configured audit ready reports

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Leverage Excel for easy data linking & instant updates

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100% auditable with complete calculation transparency

5 steps to easy, affordable ESG reporting

Transparent, investor-grade carbon disclosures integrated within your financial reporting solution

Collect, calculate and report GHG data across scopes 1, 2 and 3

End-to-end carbon accounting 
and reporting functionality

Comprehensive reporting capabilities (financial and ESG) to the SEC

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Talk to an ESG expert to affordably comply with ESG mandates.

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Data Sources & Systems

Streamline multiple data sources with ESG SaaS platforms designed to aggregate, normalize and manage ESG related data.

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Simplify data collection, collaborate in real time and drive efficiencies with our ESG reporting software. Get fast, accurate reporting for a dynamic regulatory landscape.

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Accelerate & optimize your ESG reporting

Keep everything accurate and audit-ready through efficient disclosures using automated workflows

Benchmark against your peers and keep an eye on the impact of ESG on financial performance with AI technology

Unlock data-driven insights for better decision making

Navigate the constantly evolving reporting environment with guidance from our leading experts

Continue building your perfect tech stack

Take the complexities out of regulatory reporting. Seamless integration, simple onboarding, Microsoft Office compatibility and all the tools you need for fast, secure filings.

Optimize efficiencies and deliver more effective shareholder communications. Leverage our expert-backed advisory services, strategy, design, and annual meeting services for a seamless, turn-key financial proxy process.

Safeguard and share your most sensitive documents with all your shareholders. Easy-to-use, secure software includes privacy scans, contract analytics and multi-file redaction for full transparency and regulatory compliance.