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Anticipate investor expectations and focus attention where you want it — and ​elevate your proxy statement’s substance and style.

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We’ve helped these industry leaders elevate their proxies — from compliance documents to investor-focused strategic communications tools:​

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A secure suite of services that you can easily customize.

Our end-to-end proxy solutions include:

  • Advisory services.
  • Proxy strategy and design.
  • Writing and editing.
  • Disclosure management.
  • EDGAR filing and expertise.
  • Online hosting solutions.
  • Print production.
  • Distribution.
  • Annual meeting services.

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Get the level of design input that’s right for you.

Whether you’re making gradual adjustments or taking a dramatic leap, our menu of creative design services expands alongside your needs.

Creative design services can include:

  • Design work, whether in your established brand style or a full redesign.
  • Design support and consultations with a creative team.
  • A review of DFIN’s proxy guide with an expert.
  • An audit of your most recent proxy.
  • Sample redesigns, formatted to fit your individual proxy style.
  • Personalized templates to use when working on your next proxy.
  • An assessment and upgrade of current branding materials.
  • In-depth redesign work on infographics, color, imagery and other graphic elements.
  • Choice between multiple design and concept options.

Make data-driven decisions about proxy content and secure investor support.

As the demand for greater transparency around environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues grows, boards need to move away from boilerplate language to focus on proxy design and organization that will help investors make wiser investment and voting decisions.

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​Add impact to your information and streamline your proxy process with ActiveDisclosure.

​Transform your proxy statement into a compelling communications showpiece that effectively tells your story. Our cloud-based collaboration tool smooths the process of gathering persuasive proxy content.

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Confidently manage your deals and business transactions from start to finish with Venue, our data room platform.

Benefit from the seamless process that comes from working with one organization for more of your lifecycle needs.

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​​​Each year DFIN helps more than one third of publicly held North American companies produce and distribute their proxy materials.

​Did you know your proxy could help you do this?

  • Identify, understand and avoid risks.
  • Create communications strategies.
  • Put the spotlight on corporate strengths.
  • Make data-driven decisions about content.
  • Create custom designs for compelling storytelling.
  • Tap into industry trends and best practices.

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