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Honeypot Field to Catch Bots
Honeypot Field to Catch Bots

Accelerate your deal process securely with our award-winning virtual data room.

Our quick set up and intuitive VDR platform leverages AI technology and machine learning to accelerate deal closing. Continually optimized for security, productivity and usability, our VDRs are reinforced by our regional experts--an extension of your deal team.

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Our one-stop-shop platform is trusted globally by Fortune 1000 companies, Silicon Valley startups, PE firms, investment banks and government agencies to expedite the deal making process.

Get control and cost transparency. Our virtual deal room lets you quickly self-launch one or multiple deals, complete bulk uploads and get clear pricing with an instant file-level page count and more.


How We Helped a Leading Tech Platform Get Acquired by a Major Brand


When Workfront received an unsolicited bid to acquire the company, they had to move fast to facilitate the due diligence process.


Workfront needed to provide a secure platform to share documents and collaborate with multiple parties in a controlled manner.

Solution and Results

Workfront quickly set up a Venue data room to prepare for the upcoming M&A and be deal ready. Instant set up, an intuitive interface and 24/7/365 support streamlined a once complicated due diligence review process and ultimately helped drive the deal with Adobe across the finish line faster.

You never know when you’re going to need a data room, so you need one now. Filing in specific diligence requests is a lot easier when you have a running head start, and DFIN made it cost-effective for us to have their data room, Venue, at the ready. I’m grateful to DFIN for helping us to get the deal done.

Steve Holsten

General Counsel and Secretary, Workfront


How We Helped a Biopharma Company at Different Stages of Its Lifecycle


Biopharmaceutical company Synthorx had already used Venue when the company transitioned from private to public with a $151 million IPO in 2018.


One year later, promising trial results meant that several major companies were interested in acquiring Synthorx. It needed a way to quickly respond to inquiries while maintaining confidentiality.

Solution and Results

Although the Synthorx transaction was exceptionally complicated—involving scores of regulatory documents, highly confidential clinical data that had not yet been made public, and compliance with European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)—Venue handled all the complexity and made the deal possible. In December 2019, Sanofi acquired Synthorx for $2.5 billion.

When you have multiple potential buyers asking hundreds of questions every day, being able to easily upload and share the right information with the right people in a virtual data room is key to a smooth transaction. Several of the parties involved were already familiar with the Venue platform. We all felt very comfortable with the security and efficiency of Venue.

Dr. Enoch Kariuki


Jerritt Canyon
Jerritt Canyon

How Venue Provided Speed and Security to a Mid-Tier U.S. Mining Company’s Sales Process


Jerritt Canyon, a Nevada-based mining company of approximately 350 employees was preparing to sell. They were approached by Canada-based First Majestic Silver about a possible acquisition.


They needed a secure platform to help facilitate the potential deal. They required a virtual data room, where they could easily share and view documents, allowing for speed and permission-based access among several parties. They also wanted a pricing model that was transparent and could accommodate large technical files.

Solutions and Results

Jerritt Canyon selected Venue virtual data room to expedite their deal process. They quickly set up a data room to prepare for their upcoming acquisition. Venue’s intuitive setup allowed them to rapidly upload bulk-documents and get going. Venue helped streamline their diligence process in a secure environment—allowing them to get the deal done.

Venue provides a quick and easy data room platform that benefited us as the seller and the purchaser. The Venue platform is easy to use, with bulk uploading, downloading and access all being seamless. Knowledgeable and prompt technical support always has a quick solution to any issue that arises. Whole-heartedly endorse DFIN’s Venue.

Gary Nassif

SVP, Jerrit Canyon

Leading Biosciences
Leading Biosciences

How Venue’s High Security and Collaborative Design Delivered for Biopharma


When COVID-19 began shutting down most U.S. workplaces, California-based Leading BioSciences, Inc. (LBS) was in the midst of a vital Phase 2 clinical trial to test the efficacy of its main drug.


A shutdown would have meant a delay or even an end to their study. To keep the study alive, LBS put DFIN’s Venue to a novel use —sharing and managing clinical trial data — that revolutionized the way they do business.

Solution and Results

Venue’s encrypted virtual data room met all of the stringent security requirements regarding patients’ protected health information. Because the software was so intuitive and easy to use, workers at the study’s 11 trial sites and independent study monitors quickly got up to speed.

Working with DFIN’s Venue left us questioning why we were doing things how we have always done them. Using the platform has certainly opened the eyes of our company and the industry in general. We found a new way to do business that offers efficiency and cost savings and is a long-term solution.

Inge Bear

Chief Development Officer, Leading BioSciences

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Venue® Features

It’s cost-transparent

We're transparent about costs based on our instant file-level page count. Our VDR provides value throughout the entire lifecycle of your company, not just a single transaction.

It mitigates risk

Assess risk, leverage auto-redaction and schedule audit reporting all within a virtual data room for financial services built with the highest levels of security.

  • Protect PII using secure, systematically burned-in redaction
  • Multi-factor authentication and 256-bit encryption
  • Availability of Information Rights management and dynamic watermarking

It’s trusted globally

Venue has been chosen by the leading Fortune 1000 companies and global investment banks for M&A, IPOs, SPACS and other strategic transitions.

  • 24/7 access to country-specific experts
  • Localized in 11 languages
  • Available in all Latin script languages, Japanese, Chinese and others in development

Let Venue’s industry-leading technology and experts become an extension of your deal team.

Our SMEs ensure accuracy and lower risk with error-free file structuring and permissions. You can focus on the deal, and we’ll manage the rest.

Venue® UI

Experts ready to help 24/7/365 Regionally assigned project manager providing end-to-end guidance.

Unlimited platform updates 24/7/365 support from experts around the globe.

Up to the minute advice Trusted by Fortune 1000 companies, startups, investment banks, PE firms and more.

SEC Filings + Virtual Data Room = The Ultimate Dealmaker

Venue gives you a virtual data room with hyper-secure file storage, auto-redacted sharing and private Q&A workflows. Purpose built for financial reporting and SEC filing, ActiveDisclosure makes collaborative deal document development easy.

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