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Honeypot Field to Catch Bots
Honeypot Field to Catch Bots

New DFIN Paper Illuminates the Road to a Public Offering

When I talk to executives who are considering an IPO, I can often identify the ones who haven’t been through a public offering before.

The first timers tend to underestimate the sheer number of critical and time-consuming tasks that need to be completed to ensure a successful launch.

The long list includes but is not limited to: choosing your route to market (traditional IPO, SPAC/De-SPAC, some other method?), getting your launch team in order, levelling up your financial reporting game, and deploying financial reporting and ERP systems. You must foresee and overcome obstacles along the way and have enough time to make necessary course corrections.

Perhaps most important, you’ve got to figure out what to prioritize and what you can safely ignore or postpone till later.

As we wait for the end of the IPO drought, now is the perfect time for pre-IPO companies to prepare. That’s why DFIN — with the assistance of our frequent partner, Connor Group — has published a new white paper: The Importance of IPO Readiness, an Essential Framework for Success. Think of it as your launch checklist. Even executives with previous IPO experience will find it helpful.

As always, DFIN stands ready to work with your company to produce a winning public debut.


Craig Clay

Craig Clay

President of Global Capital Markets, DFIN