Newsroom  •  April 08, 2022

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Honeypot Field to Catch Bots
Honeypot Field to Catch Bots

DFIN Partners with Blue SaaS Solutions to Help Companies Navigate Public Offerings

Partnership brings clients the solutions needed to tackle the complex world of financial regulatory compliance

CHICAGO – April 8, 2022 – Donnelley Financial Solutions (NYSE: DFIN), a leading risk and compliance company, today announced a strategic partnership with Blue SaaS Solutions, a technology advisory firm, to help companies adhere to financial and regulatory rules. Working together, DFIN and Blue SaaS will offer digital solutions to help manage complex compliance and filing processes prior to a traditional IPO or SPAC. The two teams bring together decades of experience helping clients navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

The partnership offers clients a robust technology solution that protects private documents, updates disclosure data, and simplifies the entire financial document reporting process. Combining DFIN’s industry-leading financial reporting technology and SEC filing software tools, including its ActiveDisclosure solution, with Blue SaaS’ top-of-the-line financial services, will give clients the confidence they need when filing for a public offering.

“This partnership is an example of DFIN’s commitment to delivering best-of-breed technology solutions and expertise to our clients, helping to ensure they can navigate a public offering with confidence,” said Craig Clay, president of global capital markets, DFIN. “We believe there is great synergy between our two companies, and together we will help our clients develop governance practices today for greater success in the future.”

“As the regulatory environment becomes increasingly complex, clients approaching a public offering need to be able to leverage the best expertise and tools,” said Stephen Smith, CEO, Blue SaaS Solutions. “We see tremendous potential in the IPO market. Working with DFIN allows us to leverage their extensive financial and regulatory expertise and bring our clients a positive and financially beneficial IPO experience.”

About Blue SaaS Solutions
Blue SaaS Solutions assists companies in their evaluation, procurement, and implementation of technology through the lens of deep regulatory insight. Together with our strategic partners at DFIN, IBM, and other technology firms, we provide clients with customized, tech-based solutions that offer full compliance with today’s continuously evolving regulatory requirements. Our clients benefit from our unique service offerings with access to our top-tech vendor relationships, and the full financial services domain and regulatory expertise of the Secura/Isaac Group, our parent company. Learn about Blue SaaS Solutions at and Secura/Isaac Group at or on LinkedIn.

About Donnelley Financial Solutions (DFIN)
DFIN is a leading global risk and compliance solutions company. We provide domain expertise, enterprise software and data analytics for every stage of our clients' business and investment lifecycles. Markets fluctuate, regulations evolve, technology advances, and through it all, DFIN delivers confidence with the right solutions in moments that matter. Learn about DFIN's end-to-end risk and compliance solutions online at or you can also follow us on Twitter @DFINSolutions or on LinkedIn.