Form N-CSR Share Repurchase Disclosure iXBRL Mandate

Listed closed-end fund shareholder reports dated June 30, 2024, may have to comply with more than one XBRL mandate

Currently, Form N-2 registrations that are filed pursuant to General Instruction A.2 must tag applicable prospectus disclosure items using inline XBRL (iXBRL), which are included in Form N-CSR using the Closed-End Fund (CEF) taxonomy.

CEO & CISO: a critical partnership for data management

In his new SecurityInfoWatch article, Craig Clay discusses the exponential growth in cyberthreats and how a partnership between the CEO and CISO holds the key to defeating those threats. Working together, they can master two essential components of an effective cybersecurity strategy, data management and risk mitigation, to defend the company’s critical assets.

Three Risk Mitigation Strategies to Address the Latest Data Security Threats

In his latest article in Cybersecurity Insiders, Dannie Combs, Senior Vice President and CISO at DFIN, outlines three risk mitigation strategies to help organizations get a better handle on the latest security risks and threats to data. These include knowing and understanding your legal and regulatory obligations, maintaining a strong identity and access management (IAM) framework, and staying vigilant about security vulnerabilities in Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots.

An Early Lesson In Leadership Changed My Perspective On How To Treat Others

Featured in Strategic CHRO, Dawnet Beverley, Executive Vice President of Global Capital Markets at DFIN, shares her insights on treating people with kindness in the workplace and how it can impact your employees and your business.

Helping CITs Efficiently Manage Regulatory Document Production

Automated solutions seamlessly produce CIT summary plan documents & reports

Financial Data Act Pushes Reporting Protocol Into New Era

In his new Law360 article, Craig Clay, President of Global Capital Markets at DFIN shares details about the Financial Data Transparency Act (FDTA), how it will help transform financial data regulatory reporting and compliance and support the growing adoption of key RegTech solutions, including artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Sweeping Regulatory Changes Affecting Director Elections, Executive Compensation and Climate Disclosures ... What Can Go Wrong?

A very active SEC enacted significant new rules affecting director elections and executive compensation disclosure in 2022, and appears poised to enact new climate disclosure requirements in 2023.

If embraced and executed with care, these new regulatory requirements can elevate a company’s reputation in the eyes of investors and other stakeholders. Alternatively, they can expose a company, its executives and its board to unwanted scrutiny and risks.

Corporate Governance Outlook 2023

DFIN sponsors this unique Equilar report that features both trends data, and insight driving these trends, on key issues that companies may face in 2023, including:

Why it’s a bad idea to combine the CISO and DPO roles

Find out why its a bad idea to combine important security officer roles in the modern digital age where cybersecurity is of the utmost importance. Darren Wray shares key insights on CISO and Data Protection Officer roles and how they prioritize data security.

Preparing for Proxy Season 2023

In this unique article, you will learn the findings of Equilar’s annual review of the proxy statements and CD&A’s of companies in Equilar 100, (the top 100 US.-listed companies by revenue over the past five years) and what is driving these trends.

This is particularly relevant as we enter a proxy season marked by: