By the end of 2021, the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) will likely cease to exist. With the end of LIBOR fast approaching, many organizations are struggling to find an efficient way to manage the LIBOR transition.

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted trading relationships worldwide – and as a consequence, enterprise contract review, negotiation and renegotiation of contracts are taking place on a massive scale. Donnelley Financial Solutions (DFIN) was invited to participate in an international conversation to address the challenges and opportunities of enterprise contract management during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

A force majeure clause can free one or both parties from the obligations of a contract if uncontrollable circumstances occur that make fulfilling the contract impossible. In today’s unprecedented environment, many organizations impacted by COVID-19 are uncertain about the application of force majeure and its impact on their obligations.

The new iXBRL tagging requirement and what it means for variable insurance products

Over the past few years, the SEC has issued a wave of regulations that have increased the demands for structured data. The updated disclosure regulations requiring iXBRL tagging for variable insurance products follow that trend.

XBRL was adopted by the SEC for EDGAR filings in 2009 starting with public company financial statements using the U.S. GAAP taxonomy. Shortly after, the SEC adopted XBRL for mutual fund risk/return summary information using the U.S. mutual fund risk/return taxonomy.

Guardum Recognized as a Top 5 GDPR Solution Provider in the UK by CIOReview

Guardum is now Data Protect Solutions.

CIOReview, a leading technology magazine and trustworthy knowledge source for enterprises, has determined Guardum and its Data Protect Solutions are at the forefront of providing GDPR solutions and transforming business. Many of the reasons for this selection were revealed in a related article and interview with Darren Wray, a security and data privacy expert at DFIN and former Data Protection Officer.

The article reveals:

Same Battle, Different Field: A Conversation With Our Chief Information Security Officer

For almost a decade, Dannie Combs’ day-to-day decisions had life-or-death implications. In his role with the United States Air Force, Combs managed cybersecurity operations and information risk activities for military and governmental organizations as a member of the North American Aerospace Defense Command, National Security Agency, Air Intelligence Agency, and more, participating in missions ranging from homeland defense to offensive operations around the world.

Pitch Perfect: Why a Powerful Brand Story Is Essential for IPO Success

Scott Pinkner has assisted with many IPOs over his career. As a managing director at DFIN, he and his team of experts have helped many firms navigate their transition from private to public companies.

Mergers and acquisitions move quickly, and it’s never been more critical to understand the intricacies and trends in M&A deal terms, a collection of important provisions negotiated in M&A transactions. Using eBrevia’s AI-powered contract analytics software, our M&A webinar panel analyzed hundreds of contracts for common M&A deal terms, such as Go Shop vs No Shop, Gold in Back Yard, MAE and Termination Fees.

In der COVID-19-Pandemie verhilft DFIN SPACs zum Erfolg

Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect in May 2018, companies around the globe have been struggling to understand and meet the standards of this regulation, while additional legislation around the world continues to evolve and new policies are passed into law.

Using AI and Data to Make Informed Decisions on Contract Reviews for Force Majeure

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