Pitch Perfect: Why a Powerful Brand Story Is Essential for IPO Success

Scott Pinkner has assisted with many IPOs over his career. As a managing director at DFIN, he and his team of experts have helped many firms navigate their transition from private to public companies.

Mergers and acquisitions move quickly, and it’s never been more critical to understand the intricacies and trends in M&A deal terms, a collection of important provisions negotiated in M&A transactions. Using eBrevia’s AI-powered contract analytics software, our M&A webinar panel analyzed hundreds of contracts for common M&A deal terms, such as Go Shop vs No Shop, Gold in Back Yard, MAE and Termination Fees.

Data Protection in Transition: GDPR, CCPA and Comparable Data Protection Laws

Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect in May 2018, companies around the globe have been struggling to understand and meet the standards of this regulation, while additional legislation around the world continues to evolve and new policies are passed into law.

Using AI and Data to Make Informed Decisions on Contract Reviews for Force Majeure

This article was originally posted on ILTA.

The Rise of SPACs, Virtual Due Diligence and 2021 Outlook

2020 Review and 2021 Outlook – an exclusive interview with Craig Clay, President of Global Capital Markets, DFIN with DealStreetAsia

In conversation with DealStreetAsia (DSA), Craig Clay, President of Global Capital Markets, DFIN discussed how the US election will impact dealmaking, the rise of SPACs, virtual due diligence and how having a risk and compliance solutions partner can smoothen the path to an IPO and beyond. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

SPAC vs. IPO: Market Update

SPAC Transactions

The numbers alone speak volumes. As of mid-September 2020, 95 SPACs (special purpose acquisition companies) with a valuation of approximately $35 billion had priced year to date, shattering “all previous records,” said Craig Clay, President of Global Capital Markets for Donnelley Financial Solutions. In contrast, he said, for the full year of 2019, 59 SPACs had priced, and even this represented a sizeable increase over 46 in 2018 and 34 in 2017.

Under Pressure: New GDPR Rule Makes Data Security a Critical C-Suite Concern

Here’s news worth monitoring. Ohio lawmakers passed a handful of bills before heading into the 2018 summer break. One of those, Senate Bill 220, includes legal protection for companies that suffer a data breach, provided they had reasonable security controls in place when the incident occurred. Governor John Kasich signed the legislation in early August.

What Are Virtual Data Rooms Used For?

Control and security
Most of us are familiar with file sharing sites, having used them in our personal lives.

These services allow users to create, store and share files in a cloud-based repository that syncs in real-time across all devices. Users have some control over who can access, share, download and edit files, but that’s mostly where the control starts and stops.

How smarter redaction is transforming due diligence. For the better.

Recently, a surge in AI-powered virtual data rooms (VDRs) have proved helpful in optimizing due diligence tasks like redaction. Data redaction tools have emerged to remove key terms quickly and relatively easily, saving sellers time and energy. Where these tools fall short, however, is in their ability to eliminate much of the manual effort still needed to structure and guide how information is redacted.

Risk Disclosure and ESG

Actively-managed investors evaluate risks and opportunities before selecting stocks to add to their portfolios. Indexed or "passive" investors, who have been increasingly in size over the past decade, may not have the same opportunity as active managers to "pick and choose" which companies they will own, but once they find them owning them, they are keenly interested in understanding the risks and opportunities facing those companies, and are eager to eager to engage their portfolio companies on these issues in the course of their ongoing "stewardship" efforts.