CISOs Cisos Say Stress and Burnout, Not Job Loss As a Result of a Breach, Are Their Top Personal Risks

Dannie Combs, Chief Information Security Officer at DFIN, dives into the risks of burnout and stress among CISOs and why an adequate level of support from the organization can contribute to cybersecurity excellence.

Luke Marshall quoted in "Does The SPAC Have A Future In Biopharma?"

Life Science Sales Director, Luke Marshall from EMEA, provides his insight on the future of SPACs and how the process is still promising for biopharma companies to go public.

Shareholder Engagement on ESG

Looking at trends in practice and in disclosure, Ron Schneider, Director of Corporate Governance Services at DFIN shares key insights on shareholder engagement relating to ESG.

Get to Know TEC Member: Dannie Combs

Get to know Dannie Combs, DFIN’s Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, as well as a newly appointed member of the CNBC Technology Executive Council. He recently sat down with CNBC’s Susan Caminiti and talked about his upbringing and background in the tech space.

Cyber Preventative Maintenance: Future-Proofing Your Business Against Bad Actors

Darren Wray contributed an article for Cyber Defense Magazine to highlight the importance of cyber preventative maintenance and how DFIN helps businesses of all sizes protect their proprietary data with its Data Protect Solutions.

Cost Transparency Initiative

In 2017, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) realized through a market survey that intuitional investors were struggling to gather cost information to use in their investment decisions. To address this, the FCA issued a policy statement (PS17/20) to improve the disclosure of transaction costs in workplace defined contribution pensions. This led to the creation of the Defined Contribution Pensions Template (DCPT).

Telling the Story: The Proliferating Use of ESG and Other Nonfinancial Performance Metrics

In the latest summer issue of C-Suite Magazine, Director of Corporate Governance Services for Donnelley Financial Solutions (DFIN), Ron Schneider, writes an article on how to tell the story of the increasing use of ESG and other non-financial performance metrics.

Having an effective and credible ESG story has moved past the “nice to have” stage and has arguably become a near necessity.

Blocking the Path of Least Resistance

Darren Wray sits down with Cyber Protection Magazine to discuss personally identifiable information and DFIN helps companies mitigate risk by finding and securing sensitive information.

PRIIPs KID Implementation - Are You Ready?

The PRIIPs KID retail investor disclosure document is due to go live in the European Union for all UCITS funds on January 1, 2023. Automation will be more critical than ever for asset managers who produce high volumes of investor disclosures as they prepare for successful implementation.

Here are some of the key areas that asset managers will need to consider.

General Data Gathering

Compared with the UCITS KIID, the PRIIPs KID implementation comes with significant data-gathering overhead. PRIIPs manufacturers need to gather:

The New iXBRL Tagging Requirements and What They Mean For Closed-end Funds (CEFs) and Business Development Companies (BDCs)

Over the past few years, the SEC has issued a wave of regulations that have increased the demands for structured data. The updated disclosure regulations requiring iXBRL tagging for all business development companies (BDCs) and registered closed-end investment companies (registered CEFs), including interval funds, follow that trend.