DFIN’s Response to the (COVID-19) Coronavirus FAQ

March 25, 2020

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Honeypot Field to Catch Bots
  1. Does your organization have a pandemic plan to respond to and recover from events, such as the COVID-19?
    In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19), DFIN activated its business continuity plans to initiate health and safety measures for employees and clients, and ensure supply continuity and communicate actions.

  2. As part of the pandemic plan, does your organization have strategies that include transferring work and work remote capabilities?
    Employees, where possible, have been asked to work from home until further notice. Our distributed sales, service and production model, and long-tested practices of work rotation, mitigate the impact of events like this. We have further segmented our manufacturing facilities within each facility and prohibited visitors without executive level approval. Our cloud-based SaaS offerings, an increasingly larger part of our business, are unaffected. With distributed development teams and partners, we have been performing well in both maintenance/support and new feature development.

    Should authorities implement shelter in place instructions, DFIN is prepared to move work around so as not to significantly impact our operations. In short, our 24-hour global network is here to serve our client needs.

  3. Has your organization taken precautions to mitigate the spread of COVID19?
    DFIN has taken several steps from the onset of COVID-19 to mitigate the spread, including:
    1. Issuing a travel ban on all business travel.
    2. Asking employees, who are able, to work from home until further notice.
    3. Taking extra measures to clean and disinfect, according to the pandemic cleaning recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, to reduce the risk to our employees, clients and vendors.
    4. Restricting visitor access to our locations.

  4. For employees that may have had exposure to COVID-19, have steps within your organization been taken to quarantine them for a specific duration?
    DFIN has a process for evaluating potential exposures based on the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Risk Assessment and Public Health Management Decision Making tool. If an employee believes they have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19, they have been instructed to speak with their medical provider first, and then inform their supervisor and stay home for at least 14 days until symptoms cease.

  5. Is there currently an impact to any of your organization’s locations? And if so, describe the recovery strategies your organization has activated and the effectiveness.
    All DFIN locations have instituted work from home and/or contingency plans recommended by national and local officials. Effective recovery strategies include increased employee communications, working remotely, screening visitors and increased cleaning by janitorial services.

  6. Have steps been taken to address any potential impacts associated with third-parties that support your operations from a pandemic perspective?
    DFIN is in contact with domestic and international third-party vendors to ensure they can continue to support our operations. We will continue to monitor supply and services to ensure we have appropriate stock and alternative suppliers. To date, we have not suffered any significant issues in our supply chain.

  7. Does your organization have processes and testing in place to ensure the capacity of your existing infrastructure can sustain increased usage due to use of large scale remote working?
    As part of DFIN’s normal course of business, the company regularly stress tests our systems to ensure we can continue to provide support to our clients in any environment. Many of our solutions are available over the internet, which reduces the need for significant internal network connectivity. In addition, the company uses a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for employees working from home.

  8. Does your organization have advanced cybersecurity measures in place to ensure confidential information isn’t leaked during increased digital usage?
    DFIN has both an Information Security Policy and Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan in place to prevent any risks to our systems and confidential information, and ensure we are able to respond immediately to potential incidents.

  9. How will you communicate with my company if staffing becomes problematic and critical negotiated agreements are unable to be met?
    We do not anticipate any disruptions in our ability to support you. DFIN has plans in place to sustain its operations and ensure service to you. We will continue to monitor COVID-19 and take appropriate actions recommended by local, country and public health authorities. Should anything change that will impact our service to you, we will provide notification.


  • For sales questions, please contact your appropriate Customer Service team leader.
  • For questions regarding DFIN’s business continuity plans and response to COVID-19, please contact our Environment, Health and Safety VP, Jolecia Marigny at (717) 669-6891.