Webinars  •  May 13, 2020

M&A Deal Term Insights and Trends

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Honeypot Field to Catch Bots
Honeypot Field to Catch Bots

Mergers and acquisitions move quickly, and it’s never been more critical to understand the intricacies and trends in M&A deal terms, a collection of important provisions negotiated in M&A transactions. Using eBrevia’s AI-powered contract analytics software, our M&A webinar panel analyzed hundreds of contracts for common M&A deal terms, such as Go Shop vs No Shop, Gold in Back Yard, MAE and Termination Fees.

In this on-demand M&A webinar, our panel discusses the trends they’re seeing in M&A deal terms and how to use this data for contract drafting and internal knowledge management. A deep dive into Material Adverse Event and Termination Fee clauses showcases how historical and current events, such as COVID-19, impact the provisions used in contracts.

What you’ll learn in this M&A webinar:

  • Current trends in M&A deal terms
  • What is considered “market” for key provisions
  • What deal terms should practitioners be focused on in today’s environment
  • How to use and interpret Material Adverse Event and Termination clauses
  • How can AI and other technologies be used to provide insights?


  • Chase D’Agostino, AVP of Corporate Solutions and Strategic Growth, QuisLex
  • Joanna Jung-Erh Lin, Partner, McDermott Will & Emery
  • John Leffler, Vice President, Venue Global Sales, DFIN
  • Preethy Prakash, Vice President of Business Development, eBrevia, A DFIN Company
  • Nikhil Thukral, Managing Partner, L Catterton