Thought Leadership  •  March 30, 2022

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Honeypot Field to Catch Bots
Honeypot Field to Catch Bots

The Top 5 Benefits Of Virtual Data Rooms

The benefits of a virtual data room (VDR) aren’t new to dealmakers. When it comes to promoting company interests, VDRs are an efficient, cost-effective and strategic way for buyers and sellers to not only cross the finish line, but to win.

The benefits of virtual data rooms are numerous. Primary among these is the ability to provide a centralized point of access for all authorized parties to view and share digital documents. This ensures that everyone involved has full transparency and easy communication among themselves. The benefits of a VDR also include reducing the risk of errors and wasted time spent correcting mistakes and resolving confusion. The top features of virtual data rooms include file-level usage insights and robust controls, which serve to enhance security and accessibility.

Here’s a list highlighting these additional capabilities that your team can experience using Venue:

  1. Process Automation
  2. Global Compliance
  3. Document Organization & Distribution
  4. Integrated Data Storage
  5. Build Confidence Internally & Externally

Let artificial intelligence do the heavy lifting

As with most established technologies, recent evolutions of the VDR incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). DFIN’s Venue, however, is the only solution that intuitively adapts to your specific needs. It has a number of AI functions that create significant efficiencies, drive increased accuracy and give you more insight into your business and data.

Venue can also help you simplify and accelerate contract review. Automation reduces workloads by eliminating duplicate requests, and can streamline workloads with full-text searches and auto-indexing. This virtual data room also offers a new feature, auto-redaction, which lets you redact every instance of a word or phrase with the click of a button.

With AI virtual data room technology, users can gain confidence in IPOs, M&As and any other type of deal. The risks of human error are reduced to a significant degree. VDRs improve communication between parties and offers greater accessibility to documents.

Easily comply with international regulations in a secure data room

We live in a global environment where business transcends borders. But when it comes to international dealmaking, there are regional regulations that must be adhered to. A Venue VDR makes following regulations like GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA straightforward.

Venue’s secure data room with multi-layered permissions ensures external parties only see the data they should. Data privacy assessments can be conducted across content to understand where the risk of exposure is, with Venue providing tools to mitigate it. Additionally, personally identifiable information (PII) is better managed through this VDR’s integrated auto-redaction – redact directly within the app without having to move sensitive information to another application and back.

Improve the discovery process — for everyone

Venue can also help you organize documents into a hierarchical structure that’s easy to navigate. When required, your business can painlessly pull important due diligence documents into the VDR: proof of compliance, profit and loss statements and other histories from external data records.

When internal or external users examine files, you’ll also have a clear view of what documents they’re looking at — and when — right down to the file. Venue allows you to apply keywords and notes on folders and files and to assist in the examination of critical content. Schedule reports to be delivered to your inbox daily to stay on top of the action in the VDR – even when you aren’t logged in.

When it comes to showing corporate readiness, elevating your brand and increasing your organization’s value, Venue delivers across the board.

Consolidate your technology stack

Many businesses have a variety of solutions for data storage and management, but the right virtual data room can help consolidate different digital tools into one integrated system. With Venue, it’s both secure and easy to move your data from other platforms into the VDR, while maintaining the folder structure.

Executive Suite allows for a holistic view of all projects in progress. At a glance, known which projects are active and which have ended to maintain control. Single sign-on (SSO) allows users to access Venue with corporate credentials and helps compliance teams maintain access rights or revoke them as soon as someone leaves the company.

Instill confidence internally and externally

When it comes to showing corporate readiness, elevating your brand and increasing your organization’s value, Venue delivers across the board. It’s scalable, and lets you add more features as your business grows — whether you’re looking to organize documents as you prepare for a sale or need something more, like this VDR’s executive suite, to manage multiple deals.

With industry-leading functionality, flexibility and AI, our virtual data room keeps your business safe and smart when it matters most.

Internal teams will appreciate the simplicity, control and fluidity of working with a cutting-edge tool like Venue. This strengthens both your brand and your commitment to your employees, keeping them engaged and working efficiently. On the flip side, when collaborating with external parties, you can project confidence and control by customizing this VDR to be completely branded, offering a sophisticated and polished experience.

Whatever your needs are, wherever you are in your journey, Venue’s smarter platform can save you time and money and simplify the entire deal-making process. With industry-leading functionality, flexibility and AI, this virtual data room keeps your business safe and smart when it matters most.

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