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Honeypot Field to Catch Bots
Honeypot Field to Catch Bots

DFIN IPO Report - April 2021 Edition

"A Change is Gonna Come...” not only a popular song lyric but a message from the SEC to SPAC mania. The SEC guidance around warrants and comments around safe harbor have created a significant pause in SPAC activity with only 13 SPACs pricing in April, an 88% decrease from last month's count of 109. Corrections and adjustments are needed to remain viable, and many predict SPAC formations will reset to a brisk, but less manic pace in the future."

Craig Clay, President, Donnelley Financial Solutions

Congratulations to the 50 April issuers who raised over $16 billion and their advisors on the successful completion of their IPO. DFIN was proud to have supported:

  • Agiliti 
  • agilon health 
  • Alkami Technology 
  • Applovin 
  • Aveanna Healthcare 
  • Big Sky Growth Partners 
  • Biomea Fusion 
  • Compass 
  • Endeavor Group 
  • Frontier Group 
  • Impel NeuroPharma
  • Privia Health Group 
  • Rain Therapeutics 
  • Recursion Pharmaceuticals 
  • Reneo Pharmaceuticals 
  • SkyWater Technology 
  • Tio Tech A 
  • Treace Medical Concepts 
  • TuSimple 
  • UiPath 
  • Werewolf Therapeutics
To learn more, download the report below.

DFIN IPO Report - April 2021 Edition