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Honeypot Field to Catch Bots
Honeypot Field to Catch Bots

Create a single source of truth for seamless compliance management

Staying compliant has never been easier. From a centralized document repository, to material tracking and compliance asset management, ArcDigital® is your one-stop shop for compliance management.

Key benefits of ArcDigital

Digital Audit Trail

From relationships to receipts, this digital asset management software provides a digital audit trail for both e-delivery and physical delivery of compliance and regulatory documents.

Easy to Integrate

Easily sync your current document repository and migrate all assets to the ArcDigital digital asset management platform, painlessly. And, you can be up and running in a fraction of the time it takes to implement competitive offerings.


Easily set up business rules on compliance document management, preference management, and messaging.

Simplify compliance management

Simplify compliance management

Quick and Easy Setup

We help you migrate all compliance assets into a new single repository to ensure materials can be managed from a single source, eliminating the need for team members searching multiple document storage sites for the content they need. We then set up your solution in your brand, with your messaging - and configure your company’s delivery preferences and permissions as part of our investment document management solution.

Actionable Insights

You will receive custom reporting, along with all activity data, to fit any business need.

Utilize ArcDigital and ArcPro® for Total Compliance Management

Combine ArcDigital and ArcPro to streamline and simplify the creation, management and distribution of your prospectuses, forms and other documents - all while solving for 30e-3 and 498A. Put the integrated power of the Arc Suite® to work for your organization today.

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Experience expert service and industry-leading support — every step of the way

When your work with DFIN, you get:


ArcPro people ready People ready to help 24/7/365

ArcPro solution A solution that incorporates the knowledgeand experience of the largest filer to the SEC

ArcDigita Ongoing Ongoing advice on SEC regulatory changes and industry best practices

ArcDigital IT Maintenance IT Maintenance and software updates managed entirely by the DFIN team

Explore the future of compliance management.