Thought Leadership  •  February 06, 2020

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Honeypot Field to Catch Bots
Honeypot Field to Catch Bots

ArcRegulatory: The Future of Global Regulatory Reporting

What is ArcRegulatory?

ArcRegulatory is DFIN’s proprietary, innovative global regulatory platform. It’s a single, cloud-based solution for managing European regulatory requirements — fully supporting PRIIPs and MiFID II reporting for asset managers and insurers. With ArcRegulatory, you get:

  • An advanced user experience for consistent inbound data management and visualization through DFIN’s ingestion engine.
  • Rapid integrated arrival price gathering for transaction ‘slippage’ cost calculations (implicit cost).
  • High volume calculations that are automatically validated against market driven tolerances and your defined business rules.
  • Underlying calculation transparency, consistency and granularity to drill into all elements of risk, performance and transaction-cost calculations.
  • User-defined report distribution to predefined entities, reducing risk and duplication of effort.
  • A team of professional service experts that advise on PRIIPs and MiFID II compliance, regulatory changes and best practices.
  • A single, customised regulatory book of record (RBOR) to manage your global regulatory data — eliminating the need for multiple vendors.
To learn more, download the fact sheet below.

ArcRegulatory: The Future of Global Regulatory Reporting